Pastor Esther Kamba & The Midwives of DMCC's Written Epistles...

The Youth ranging from 12 years of age to 35 years are on fire for God. The youth engage in a number of fun, educational and spiritually uplifting activities at DMCC. There is drama, dance, music, outreaches and evangelical campaigns all to the glory of God just to mention a few.


Every Friday from 3pm-5pm, the youth participate in various activities and are taught the word of God by many of the able Midwives and anointed care givers at the church.

The Youth also meet every Saturday from 12pm-4pm during which they receive advice, encouragement, mentorship and motivation from Youth leaders and other anointed counselors.

It as a mandate of DMCC that the Youth On Fire maintain an invigorated, refreshed and wholesome spiritual life. As such the Leadership of the ministry has committed itself to ensuring that innovationativeness, skills and biblical virtue is imparted to all the young people that come through the church doors.


The Youth of D.M.C.C are always eager and excited to share the gospel of Jesus Christ that they have attained from God’s word, Church leadership and Prayers during every evangelical outreach.

If the Youth are the key to great change and a better future, they need to be guided, encouraged, advised and natured in every aspect of life.

The Youth have pledged to keep the fire burning and to let it spread to the rest of the world.





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