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n this prophetic platform of the P.U.S.H. of Divine Restoration, The Lord gave the word and great was the company/ host of those who proclaimed it (Psalm 68:11).

It is a “word in season” for restoration of the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locusts and the chewing locust my great army which I sent among you, see Joel 2:25-26

Great is the company/host proclaiming and publishing this –word in season, for your Divine Restoration- and great shall be the restoration of everything you lost, everything stolen and everything carried away in your marital, business, career destinies in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

You are recovering all (1 Samuel 30: 8-9, 18)

In this covenant season for Divine Restoration be rest assured, be of good cheer, rejoice, sing a song of praise and thanksgiving because you have been marked and selected by God to be a partaker. This word in season for Divine Restoration, will without fail as you engage the mystery thereof, effect and bring the following 1 Samuel 30: 8, 18,19
“Rise up and recover”

• Marital recovery

• Financial recovery

• Spiritual recovery (Psalm 51:12)

• Business recovery etc.

Note: The thief has been caught, the one that has been causing your:

• Marital failure

• Financial loss/ lost blessing

• Business disappointment/ lost
opportunities etc.

• Spiritual sluggishness- is paying back seven fold
(Proverbs 6: 30-31)

In this covenant season for Divine Restoration God`s people are leaving the comfort of religious Babylon with a vision of seeing their destinies restored to former glory and first love for God (Haggai 2: 9).

It`s going to take extraordinary faith to leave our comfort zones and make a spiritual journey to the place of our Divine Restoration.
Have you been through failures and losses and now look useless for a comeback and recovery?

Have you been burned before by life?

Have you been through a work that seemed glorious and pregnant with potential only to end in a terrible disappointment?

If so, you are a prime candidate for the glorious new work that the Lord is doing in this P.U.S.H. of June- Divine Restoration (Deuteronomy 30:1-9)

Burned souls may not look good at the moment, but they have been through the fire. They have been tested. It takes great faith to keep pursuing the vision. Think of the kind of faith that it took for the remnant in the book of Nehemiah 3:5 to return to the scene of their greatest failure and devastation with the resolve to start all over again. It takes that kind of vision to endure the opposition and discouragements that will surely come during Restoration. See Nehemiah 4:1-4

Note: In this covenant season/ P.U.S.H. of Restoration,it is intended to be a testimony of His Power and Redemption – Divine Restoration.

Seleke Trinity Lethoko is a pastor under the auspices of Gates of Destiny Ministries. He has been in active full-time ministry for a number of years. He is a South African by birth from North West Province. A prayer warrior, teacher of the Word with simplicity and power and also a soldier of the cross enlisted in the army of God. He currently lives in Edenvale, Johannesburg.





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