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It is a binding agreement between two people, more sealed with an oath. Marriage is a covenant, an agreement that is ratified by the blood and it is established by God to the human family.

It started in the Garden of Eden where God established the first covenant called Eden Covenant with mankind and it was by that covenant that God transferred all his wealth on earth unto man.

The breaking of that covenant is the fall of man!So when Adam fell God killed a sinless animal and used the animal’s blood to clean Adam’s sins and its skin to cover Adam’s nakedness. Covenant blood cannot be broken and marriage is not a contract, but a Covenant.

If you cannot have your marriage revelation you have already build your marriage on sand. In marriage two people must know where they are going and support each other to get there!Marriage is not a twofold cord but a threefold cord, with God as the center, and a threefold cord is not quickly or easily broken!(Ecclesiastes 4:12)

If two people are married why do you call it three? When people get married they are calling on the greater power to be responsible and not to go back on their word. Marriage has a horizontal dimension, that is the man and his wife and the vertical dimension, which is the couple and God right in their midst!

Recommended Scriptures:
1 Peter 3:7
Matthew 19:3
Malachi 2:13-16

Written By Pastor George Asante.





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