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  • Day 1 (Dec 31st 2017 – Cross Over)
  • Day 2 (Jan 1st  2018 – PUSH Day 1)
  • Day 3 (Jan 2nd  2018 – PUSH Day 2)
  • Day 4 (Jan 3rd  2018 – PUSH Day 3)



Calling on 7000 Intercessors to Join Apostle Paul Kamba in Lifting The Gates of 2018. If you would heed the call, please register below to be part of this historic moment that will usher in a glorious New Year 2018. Registration is open below.

Welcoming 2018 in Style and Power!

Crossing Over

Gates are a spiritual reality and a divine revelation and instruction here in the Chambers. Our understanding of this truth has given us a spiritual advantage and has put us in direct command over the strongholds, powers, rulers, authorities and forces of darkness in the heavenly places in the cities of our influence (spiritually) and the same has put us in charge over the resources and opportunities in the towns where we live (physically). For years I have been labouring and explaining to the body of Christ the spiritual dimension of prophetic intensive prayer at the Gates of a new year!

That’s the midnight hours crossing into the New Year. Many people will celebrate with excitement mixed with fireworks and good food, yet this is a sensitive zone! The wicked patrons mess up people’s stars, arrest benefits and divide marriages. Prophetically the hours slightly before midnight and a few hours after, we call them the “GATES OF THE YEAR”.

The winners in the New Year are endorsed that time and you can only cross the gate when you arrive at it. When it is swinging open that is when you ought to collect all your possessions. Unfortunately, people begin to push the door when it is shut, that is when they spiritually hit their heads on the closed gate, asking God why opportunities never materialise for them. If you are asking yourself why opportunities never materialise for you, why do others get jobs, increase and do business easily but yourself it’s a struggle all through? The answer is in the secrets you take advantage of. David was an amazing King; He would pray prayers that sounded strange like in Psalms 24:7-10. He would declare “LIFT UP YOUR HEADS, OH’ YOU GATES AND BE LIFTED…” That’s how he amassed wealth, honour, prestige and promotions.

It’s on this solid revelation that I am inviting you, your family, friends, workmates and everyone in your phone book to a special prophetic night as we LIFT THE GATES OF 2018 on the 31st December 2017. The doors will be open at 7:00pm until morning. Don’t miss the entire Midwife team, music by renowned artists and the Midwife Mass Choir. As they lead you into the high places of the land.



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Gallagher Convention Centre, 19 Richard Drive, Midrand, Johannesburg, 1685

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