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JOEL 2:25-26

When God speaks it doesn`t guarantee automatic manifestation upon our lives. When He speaks, it`s a promise and God doesn`t keep promise but covenant.

Until you find what to do with the word you received and commit to the condition, it will remain a promise.

So finding what to do, and committing to what to do,upgrade a promise into a covenant.

When it is a covenant, it commits God`s integrity to act on your behalf.

What to do are secrets, keys, revelations or platforms.

In Job 42:10-12, there is a secret there. The Bible said Job was restored double of what he lost in the beginning when he prayed for his friends.

So the secret that leads to his double restoration was interceding for his friends.

1 Samuel 30:5-8 and verse 18-19, David and his mighty men back from war found that the enemy had invaded them and took everything, their wives, children, livestock, etc.

And his mighty men were angry at him to the point of wanting to stone him to death. Then David strengthened himself in the Lord.
In verse 8, David inquired of the Lord saying shall I pursue these invaders? Shall I overtake them? And God answered “Pursue for you shall overtake them and without fail recover all”.

* That was it*

In verse 18 and 19, David and his team recovered all.

From this story of David, we see that what proceeds restoration of what was stolen is inquiring from God forhis divine guidance
Divine guidance engenders divine restoration.

Many believers do things based on our feelings or emotions. Yet our feelings lead us to limitations and disappointments.
Business, careers, marriages are failing because of failing to inquire from the Lord.

We do things because our friends are doing it or because it is working for them, yet what is working for your friend may not work for you if the Lord doesn`t instruct you to do it.

These are the mysteries believers neglect and fail to do. After failing they begin to blame or doubt God.

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