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PUSH of March

1st – 3rd March 2019

PUSH is a unique three day empowerment program that takes place at the start of every month and It has been testified by believers across denominations that there has never been an empowerment platform which gathers believers from all walks of life with a sole purpose of Praying and Fasting, that commands such divine results and testimonies in our time The PUSH PROGRAM is made up of 12 services designed by the Holy Spirit…read more


Holy Communion Service – Only permitted meal during PUSH

Prophetic Service – Your Word for your Transformation!

Impartation Service – Grace for Higher Anointing

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Come To The Labor Ward for Birthing
Staying on the mountain positions you under a corporate grace for your guaranteed Angelic Visitation.

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Pastor Esther Kamba & The Midwives of DMCC’s Written Epistles carry an Anointing for Healing, Deliverance, Power, Signs and Wonders. Under the Articles section of this website, you will find Amazing Articles on a variety of Topics to nourish and encourage you in your everyday walk with God for Victorious Christian  Living. Read and experience an Eternal Change in your Life….See More


G-O-D Radio

Apostle Paul Kamba

Catch anointed messages of God’s General Apostle Paul Kamba on Gates of Destiny Radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm to 6pm. The Fasting Pastor’s Anointed sermons carry an Unction that will quicken you and get you Functioning. You will be Blessed!

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GOD’s Breakfast Show

The Identity Show

New Dimension



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Cancer Healed!


My name is Mami Mosuki. In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and theecologist gave me two years to live.I started chemotherapy from 2014 till 2016.Doctors said because the lesionswere scattered on the upper and lower lobe of the liver they had to do a transplant. The time I was diagnosed the lesions were 7.1cm,then in August 2017 they were 3.1cm and they had scattered again on the upper and lower lobe of the liver…


My uncle refused to sign the papers for the transplant but my sister suggested we needed God’s intervention and I came to PUSH of September 2017.I suffered abdominal pains and was vomiting, from then I pushed every month and I kept on praying to God for a testimony. When I went to hospital again the doctor did a CT-Scan and the results came normal. The lesions had shrank and the liver enlarged. Glory to God!

More Testimonies

Financial Breakthrough Testimony
Delivered from Spirit of Death
Deliverance from Gangsterism, Alcohol abuse and drugs

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More Testimonies

Power Of Partnership

Gates of Destiny Ministries brings you a rare privilege to partner with the work of God. You can now unlock your finances by becoming a daily, weekly or monthly partner. Partnership is a contractual (agreement) relationship between two or more persons who are working together towards a common goal. Partnership is not a casual relationship, it is a relationship that requires consistent commitment of a partner to meet the needs of the people we are called to reach.…read more

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Our Church Programs

DMCC is a home of Signs and Wonders; Healing and Deliverence; Revelation and Power; A people who are great and strong are being Raised – Joel 2: 1 – 9

On the 20th of August 2016 the Evangelism Ministry Department primarily a mentorship department was launched. The purpose of the Department is to groom, nurture and establish destinies of people within the church who have been called by God into ministry.

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HIV / AIDS Ministry

Business Forum

Single Women’s Ministry
And Many More

Church Membership

Destiny Midwives Christian Center
DMCC Church is a spiritual High Place where Believers come to offer their sacrifices of prayers and fasting, to PUSH for their Destiny.


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Monthly Publication Of Gates of Destiny

A hotline is a monthly Christian magazine designed for the PUSH program where we publisher the prophetic word for the month, devotional scriptures, prayer points, testimonies and various church information and activities. The magazine is aimed to encourage and inspire believers to dream bigger and to birth their destines.


Faith is our response to the mind of God which is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit so that we might operate and exercise dominion. Faith is seeking, finding, believing and acting on the revealed word of God. Faith according to Hebrews 11:1, is a substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen…Welcome to PUSH May 2018!!! By Faith You will Conquer…read more



Hotline Publications

Bible School

DMCC Bible School is a Spirit filled Religious Education platform with testimonies as an evidence that God is working with us confirming his word through signs and wonders. Mark 16:20

DMCC Bible School offers programs which are highly flexible and geared towards equipping and empowering Christian leaders and all our courses are Spirit Anointed.

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FEES for 2017/2018

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DMCC Bible School


Partnership is not just a responsibility, it comes with a reward. “Not because I desire a gift:but I desire fruits that may abound to your account “ (Philippians’ 4:17). As a Faith Covenant Partner, you commit to monthly gift of support financially to help us in the Mission and Vision God has given us. We also ask our partners to stand by us in prayer on a regular basis, as we fulfill the Vision of DMCC. PARTNER NOW


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The Power of Partnership enables us to reach further with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.